Odds & Ends

2010:   Christmas is always the busiest and liveliest time of year at Foxfire, but other months bring other activities. The Fourth of July has been a celebration of family, friends and neighbors for more than 30 years, and anticipating and reminiscing about the friends, food and music is a big part of our tradition.

...and then there's the garden, which has become smaller over time without a big family to can and freeze for (and to help pick!), but is still as much a labor of love as ever, even in this "Garden Year to Try the Gardener's Soul". Whatever else it might have been, 2010 was not the year to try gardening for the first time!

...and then there's the Heart of Winter, January & February, time to rest and plan and relish the seed catalogs, and sometimes, to do a little writing, mostly with a view to building a book to be called "I Was Only Along for the Ride". I've included a chapter "Riding with Uncle Jim" along with my "Love Song for Snappy". Hope you'll enjoy...

 August 2012:

I added a chapter to my Along for the Ride project. It's the narrative of Jack Beagle's becoming "Churched"... Enjoy!

It's the time of year for shearing Douglas firs and Norway spruces. I get the pleasant task of putting the first basic shaping on the little guys, really rewarding. Also try to make ahead some of the dried wreaths for the Wreath Factory. My intentions are big and determined... then the wonderful weather outdoors calls & it all goes into a cocked hat. I do have some fine eucalyptus, blue hydrangea and peacock feathers I'm hoping to do something good with...